More 15mm sculpts for your perusal….

24 Nov

So, off my workbench I have another bunch of new sculpts of 15mm sci-fi goodness, the latest Oggam and a few other odds and sods.

First up the Ogs, the latest in the League of Anthracks troops, an Oggam Storm trooper, which I would love a few units of these alone, painted with star wars storm troopers in mind. A Sith style priest to go with them methinks….

Next, the first Oggam Pigdog war/hunting beast, ideal for any side in the conflict or for a strange alien beast in other games….

The next in my man eating plant set of alien flora and fauna….

These are my latest alien creations, I have another 3 on the go, but I reckon these would make a great invasion army in a retro sci-fi way, let me know what you think…

Another one for the alien flora and fauna set, a deathworld skull spider bug.

As ever here are the latest creations compared to a GZG human for an idea of size in 15mm scale.

There are still another 5-6 on my workbench either nearly done, or part. I must add that I’m loving the sculpting and am improving steadily at the art of 15mm. More weirdness, monsters and strange aliens to come so hopefully you out there can begin gaming with them!



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