Derren Brown’s End of the world Headf**k!

27 Oct

So, which of you had the chance to see Derren Brown‘s latest hypnotic headfuck “apocolypse”?

I must say, I’m not really keen on the man himself, but I found this really entertaining, and I found myself laughing at it a lot! Why did I laugh? Well, for one, the amount of set up that was prepared for the poor guy, including the hacking of everything from his phone to setting up entire radio segments in order for the victim to believe the end was coming. I found it funny. Funny but cruel.

Yes, I know that it was supposed to be to teach him a lesson about his lazy lifestyle, and make him prize the things in his life more, but I felt it was just another cruel prank, masquerading under the guise of a life lesson.

Not that I’m complaining, as I really enjoyed it. The effort that went into the whole set up was superb, and next weeks show looks like it’s going to be even better!

I just fear that the way TV is going, are we going to see more of this kind of set up with a cruel conspiracy trick pretending to be something other than what it is. It’s just taking the piss out of people for entertainment. That’s fair enough, but just don’t make out your doing something worthwhile rather than tell the truth.

Channel 4 seems to be a bit of a one trick pony for these “reality” programmes with another set up show coming soon, and that goddamn awful meet the parents show.

Still, last nights offering was at least, zombie related, so isn’t all bad!

For my international readers, I will try and search out a link to the program so you can watch it and judge for yourselves, UK readers will be able to see it on 4OD or youtube if you missed it!

Let me know what you thought about it?






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