New oggam greens and size comparison photos!

14 Oct

I should have been working on a commission today, but I was a bit eager to carry on with my oggam sculpts to see if I could improve upon last nights work. So, working away, I managed to get two done, they are an improvement  on my last one, and I’m really getting into it now, I reckon I’m going to get quite a few done over the next few weeks, plus the specials I am planning and some extras. I think I will be trying my hand at some other alien types too, some plant types like my man eating plant, just more mobile (an audrey two inspired race, I think there were mutant plant ones like that in the old Gamma world TSR stuff that I’d like to emulate)

Any who, the pics:

These fellers are a little bigger than the one I did yesterday, the one pointing is a command figure, while the other is just a meat head. I know that you might think they are a little big, but I had always imagined the Oggam to vary in size, some big, some small. I love the way they are turning out!

I have noted also all the comments I have been given, so the legs have been improved (Still going to get better though!) and the hands have had a bit more care also. The faces are beginning to match better to my original style and suspect they will get better the more I practice and make them.

The next pics are some rough size comparison pics, with a GZG figure to show how its going to scale with average 15mm scifi figures, I couldn’t find a 1/72 (20mm) figure anywhere, although my son has some somewhere i’m sure, and I have had to use a GW goblin squig herder for scale too (Ok, not the best choice, but it was the first 28mm figure I could get my hands on quickly, but when I’m better prepared to take some shots with a bit more time, I’ll update them.) Also included are shots that Richard did for me of the sculpt I commissioned, the painted figure I suspect is roughly the same size of the GZG one, so you can get an idea of scale between all of them. As soon as I get hold of that one, I’ll do more comparison shots altogether for scale.

Here they are:

More later when no doubt I have sculpted more! Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think, your input is important and means a lot when proceeding with this project, after all, all being well you might eventually be wargaming with some of these piggies!


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