Calling all Bloggers! A link for a link….

8 Oct
Blog Roll anyone?

Ok, so this is a sausage roll, wanna’ exchange Blog links?

hello folks, no big long articles today, just a quick message to ask if any of you guys out there would like a place on my Blogroll, in return for my site on yours! People have been telling me to get my blogroll sorted, so I am opening it up for other bloggers like myself to get more exposure and traffic! I’m not fussy about your subject matter (As long as it’s not porn, spam or just affiliate stuff)

Let’s help each other spread the word about our wonderful Blogs!

If you are up for that, get in touch with me by email (grimacereaper73(at) with your site address, a brief description so I can check it out, and I’ll stick it up providing you do the same for me. If you don’t have a blogroll, then it’s time you did!

I look forward to reading your Blogs!



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