15mm Doomsday cult gains more followers, and assassins….

24 Sep

In the bag of Miniatures my wife bought for me from ebay, (bless her!!) as well as a stack of fantasy heroes and such were some ninja. What am I going to do with these? What about Doomsday cult thugee assassins? They are masked, dressed in dark colours and as we know, Ninja kick ass! They’re the same pose and are armed just with a katana/ninjato oriental sword. Ok, so they don’t have guns, but my next order to 15mm.co.uk will sort that out with some of their excellent cultists.


Who’s to say they don’t carry a hand weapon under their ninja robes? However I would like some that did have a handgun showing (If you can obtain them in 15mm?) Interestingly also in the figures she got me were some robed figures,one with a banner with a skull atop (Ideal for my icon bearer) and two hooded figures armed with scythes (ala the grim reaper) These have been assimilated into the doomsday cult ready to bring 15mm scale elder god style carnage to my tabletop soon! the great thing about the cult is its usable in other genres too, I have a feeling I’m going to have to do a full army…..






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